Review of Action

Independent, accredited, procedurally fair

Sometimes it is appropriate, or necessary to comply with internal policies, to provide a staff member with the opportunity to have an independent review of an action or decision taken.

We are experienced in this area and accredited as Review Officers to undertake Review of Actions throughout the public sectors.

Our experience meeting the high standards of the Victorian Government public sector review process ensures that we are well placed to assist both public and private sector employers to ensure decisions that impact on staff, and are challenged for fairness reasons, can be effectively and impartially reviewed, resolved and the matters closed.

Decisions that have the potential to create tension, conflict and complaints about fairness can include:

  • Promotions
  • Pay increases
  • Transfers
  • Annual review comments or outcomes
  • Investigation processes
  • Disciplinary outcomes

It is important for team culture, and to uphold the values of the organisation, for employees to have confidence in the fairness of the decision-making process.

While good communication and internal reviews can clarify the merit, fairness and policy compliance reasons for a decision, in some situations it may be necessary or appropriate for an impartial external professional to conduct a review and deliver the message.

One reason an employer may not be able to provide an employee with detailed information about the reasons for a decision is that there are confidentiality or privacy implications for others. An external professional is able to review decision-making processes in a manner that upholds confidentiality or privacy obligations.

Our review of action process incorporates the following steps:

  1. Initial discussions to clarify the scope of the review, including the specific action or decision to be reviewed, the relevant policies or guidelines and the format of the final report.
  2. Confirming that the review officer has had no prior involvement with the matter.
  3. Communication with the parties to clarify the process, including whether it will be in-person or on the papers, timelines, the involvement of support persons and information to be provided by the parties to the review officer.
  4. Analysis of the information provided and obtaining further information to clarify issues as needed.
  5. A well structured report is provided.

The report identifies the extent to which the decision was found to be fair and consistent with the organisation’s policies or guidelines and, where appropriate, may make recommendations about the employer reconsidering aspects of the action or decision, or the way an action or decision of this nature is made in future. In the interests of transparency and fairness the report would usually be provided to all parties.

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